It's My World

The names Britt and I'm 24 from Bradford, Massachusetts.
I live and breathe sports.
I'm a lover of all things Boston.
♥ Red Sox. Patriots. Celtics. Phillies ♥

A sample of my favorite things: Laughter. Family. Friends. Sports. Boston. The Hunger Games. Twilight. Hollywood Heights. Chicago Fire. Fantasy Football.

I will go down with these ships: Leddie. Quick. JoLu. Jarr. Journey. Wilson. Dawsey. ShayxSeveride.

Being Random Is Fun. You Never Know What You Might See Here!
I am stone cold loyal to my JLC girls!
If you value your life, you won't mess with my C.I.A.
Your arguement is invalid. My girls are the best!
Know it. Say it. Represent it. Live it. Fear it.

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